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round electronic lifting magnet Square shape electronic lifting magnet
Battery Magpoter Angle Lifting Magnet
Permanent Magnet Lifma Ring shape electronic lifting magnet

- Wireless and no power transfer permanent lifting magnet.
Due to the design of 3 times more than rated absorbing power (International safety standard) and quality control,   absolutely free from industrial disaster
- Possible Application to plate and round bar together with 1 instrument only.
- Simple to operate ON/OFF.
Due to the adoption of rate-earth elements neodymium, ultra powerful absorbing power is possible. (over 4 times   stronger than general magnet)
Due to the small size and light weight, it can achieve the improvement of efficiency. 

More suitable for transportation of steel plate, iron rod and press mold materials mainly.

Model Holding
Dimension(mm) Eye-bolt Mass
B H H1 L
PML-30 300kg 150kg 140 127 230 165 M30 15kg
PML-50 500kg 250kg 155 127 230 205 M30 24kg
PML-100 1000kg 500kg 180 150 253 255 M30 45kg
PML-150 1500kg 750kg 220 150 253 365 M36 80kg
PML-200 2000kg 1000kg 240 180 300 465 M36 125kg
PML-250 2500kg 1250kg 260 180 300 515 M42 165kg
PML-300 3000kg 1500kg 260 200 320 565 M42 200kg