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round electronic lifting magnet Square shape electronic lifting magnet
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Permanent Magnet Lifma Ring shape electronic lifting magnet


It is suitable in working place for carrying or sorting steel plate by a worker with 
hoist crane

By employment of strong ferromagnetism, it is possible to carry a plate or several plates at same time according to conveyance capacity. (Adsorptive power control function)By employment of power failure compensation system, steel plate can descend by adsorption state when the electricity cut off  Suddenly.When carry, there is no damage of product, and productivity improvement increases more than 300%.


Rated adsorption capacity safety ratio is designed more than 3 times (international safety standard) that is fail-safe from industrial accident.


Construct from design to fabrication, installation perfectly, and can supply radio control device according to customer's selection


Shipbuilding yard, steel material place of business etc 
and for transfer thick plate that is suitable to transfer and sort mainly steel plate and manufacture is possible to transfer half-finished products.


Model Dimension Holding
Voltage Power
HLM-30120 1200 300 200 2.3ton DC110/220 0.7kw 340kg
HLM-30150 1500 300 200 3ton DC110/220 0.9kw 420kg
HLM-30180 1800 300 200 4ton DC110/220 1.2kw 500kg
HLM-30210 2100 300 220 5.5ton DC110/220 1.35kw 550kg
HLM-40150 1500 400 220 6.3ton DC110/220 1.5kw 570kg
HLM-40210 2100 400 220 7ton DC110/220 1.8kw 800kg
HLM-50140 1400 500 300 8ton DC110/220 2.0kw 950kg