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Plate type Permanent Magnet Liquid type Ferrous Metals Removal
Filter type Wet Process Metal Remover (for Liquid Materials) Filter type Dry Process Metal Remover

- Free from restraint of place and the life cycle of magnetic attraction is semi-permanent.
Guarantee the high quality material and life cycle of machinery, and automate the production line. 

Hung down from upside of suit or conveyor, fix to downside of belt or adhere to input process of material, it is used to remove and discharge the piece of iron, nail, steel wire, tools and crushed wire mixed to transferring material

Feed stuff, chemical, food & drink, crusser, particle, all sort of waste disposal job site and etc.


Model Dimension Holding Capacity Mass
B L H Round Steel
M20 Nut M20×30L
HPM-2020 200 200 75 100-150 100-150 90-130 20kg
HPM-2030 300 25kg
HPM-2040 400 32kg
HPM-2050 500 36kg
HPM-2060 600 42kg
HPM-3040 300 400 100 130-170 130-170 120-150 48kg
HPM-3050 500 68kg
HPM-3060 600 80kg
HPM-3070 700 100kg
HPM-3040 300 400 210 200-250 200-250 180-230 120kg
HPM-3050 500 150kg
HPM-4060 400 600 230 250-300 250-300 230-280 250kg
HPM-5070 500 700 320kg
HPM-6080 600 800 450kg
HPM-80100 800 1000 750kg